Wendy & Jessica Miller Cruise Experience

I was rewarded with a cruise package. Let me start by saying this cruise was nothing but a pleasure to be on from beginning to end. Even booking took almost no effort at all, it was straight to the point. I decided to take my daughter who's still in school.  It was such a great opportunity because we finally got to have some mother and daughter time.  The first day we decided to go out on a boat with some wonderful people to watch the stingrays swim around, truly magnificent creatures. Just watching them glide across the water was so relaxing. The next few days we were feeling really adventurous and when we docked we decided to go on a tour to explore some of the ancient Mayan ruins.  Being there almost made us feel a part of history; the stories these stonewalls could tell if they could. It was truly a site to behold. I remember walking though the jungles and watching some Jaguars bathe and play in a spring, they were such beautiful and primitive animals. Then, on the last few days we went snorkeling and cave diving. The beauty of the water there is a site to behold. The place just does something to the mind and body. It’s a divine feeling. I’m so glad I was given the opportunity to experience this cruise, especially with my daughter. I must admit, it brought us even closer 

together.  It was a life-changing event.”

-Wendy & Jessica Miller